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Current position / Committees

Senate Majority Leader
Vice Chairman of Joint Oversight Congresional Committee on Automated Election System
Chairman of Committee on Ethics

16th Congress
SBN - 1940 An Act Creating the Emergency Response Department (ERD), Appropriating Funds Therefor, and for Other Purposes
SBN - 90 Freedom of Information Act of 2013
SBN - 91 Orphaned, Abandoned, Neglected or Voluntarily Committed Children's Welfare and Protection Act
SBN - 92 Trust Fund for the Abandoned, Neglected or Voluntarily Committed Child of 2013
SBN - 93 Iskolar Ng Bayan Act of 2013
SBN - 94 Granting Php 9,000 Additional Compensation and Php 1,000 Medical Allowance to Teachers
SBN - 245 Decriminalizing Libel and Defamation
SBN - 246 Children with Special Needs Education Fund Act of 2013
SBN - 247 Uniformed Personnel Health and Wellness Development Act of 2013
SBN - 248 Amending section 19 of cybercrime prevention act of 2012 
SBN - 249 Repealing sections 4(c) (4), 5, 6, and 7 of cybercrime prevention act of 2012
SRN - 305 Urging the Executive branch of Government to re-align the unreleased amounts of PDAF in the 2013 General Appropriations Act
SRN - 271 An investigation into allegations of corruption embezzlement of the 2009 Malampaya funds
SCRN - 1 State of the Nation Address, Joint Notification Committee
SCRN - 3 Legislative Calendar, First Regular Session, 16th Congress
SCRN - 4 Concurrent resolution no. 4 to abolish pork barrel
SRN - 23 Organization of the Senate, First Regular Session, 16th Congress
SRN - 24 Organization of the Senate, Informing the House of Representatives
SRN - 190 Commending the Gilas Pilipinas Members, Coaching Staff, Sponsors, and Officials
SRN -196 Senate resolution 196 creating a special adhoc committee led by Panfilo Lacson to investigate PDAF scam

15th Congress
SBN-78 An Act Providing For Additional Benefits and Protections To The Househelpers Thereby Amending For This Purpose Articles 141, 142, 143, 148 and 151 of Chapter III Of P.D. 442 As Amended Otherwise Known As The Labor Code of the Philippines
SBN-138 An Act Requiring Mandatory Basic Immunization Services Against Hepatitis-B For Infants, Amending For The Purpose Presidential Decree No. 996 As Amended and Appropriating Funds Therefor
SBN-2620 An Act Creating and Establishing the Philippine High School For Sports
SBN-3132 An Act Creating the Municipality of Dr. Juan C. Angara in the Province of Laguna (author) (rules)
SBN-3206 An Act Recognizing the Early Years From Zero (0) to Age Eight (8) as the First Crucial Stage Of Educational Development, Strengthening The Early Childhood Care And Development Council, And The Day Care Center As The Child Development Center And For Other Purposes
SBN-3208 An Act Fortifying The People’s Right Of Ownership Over Information Held By the People’s Government
SBN-3301 An Act Repealing Sections 4(C) (4), 5, 6 and 7 of Republic Act No. 10175, Otherwise Known As the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012
SBN-3302 An Act Amending Section 19 of Republic Act No. 10175, Otherwise Known As The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012
SBN-3303 An Act Repealing Chapter One, Title Thirteen, Book Two Of Act No. 3815, Otherwise Known As The Revised Penal Code Of the Philippines Thereby Decriminalizing Libel and Defamation
SBN-3226 An Act Providing For Support Mechanism For The Programs of the Department of Education Geared Towards The Advancement Of The Interests Of Children With Special Needs, And For The Purpose, Amending Section 272 Of Republic Act 7160 Otherwise Known As the Local Government Code of 1991 On The Local Special Education Fund
SBN-3225 An Act Mandating All State Colleges And Universities To Confer Automatic Admission And Provide Scholarship Grants to the Top Ten (10) Public High School Students Of Their Graduating Class, Annually and Allocate Funds Therefor
SBN-2876 An Act Providing For An Indigents Medical Assistance Fund In Every Regional Office of the Department of Health For The Benefit Of Indigent Patients in Public Hospitals
SBN-2873 An Act Allocating Funds From The Special Education Fund For The Programs Of The Department of Education Geared Towards The Advancement Of The Interests Of Children with Special Needs
SBN-2874 An Act Providing For Programs That Promote The Welfare and Development of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Personnel Through The Enhancement of Recreational and Health Facilities In The Police and Military Camps And Providing Funds Therefor
SBN-2353 An Act Providing For Additional Support and Compensation For Educators In Basic Education
SBN-2351 An Act Providing For A National Program To Support and Care For Orphaned, Abandoned, Neglected and Voluntarily Committed Children, Creating A Special Trust Fund Therefore, And For Other Purposes
SBN-2350 An Act Providing For The Welfare and Protection Of the Orphaned, Abandoned, Neglected and Voluntarily Committed Children
SBN-2352 An Act Providing For A Social Justice and Welfare Program for the Protection And Care Of The Elderly Without Any Identifiable Family Members Or Without Any Means Of Support
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