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Public service is a calling and a privilege.

I thank GOD and our people for the privilege of serving in government. I thank all those who this early are expressing their support or desire for me to run for the highest office of the land.
But I ask them to first re-channel their energy and help me in fulfilling promises and commitments. Especially in advocating P.T.K. (Presyo, Trabaho/Kita, Kaayusan), or
Pagbaba ng Presyo, Pagdami ng Trabaho, Paglaki ng Kita at Kaayusan para sa ating lipunan.
Right now, I am focused on fulfilling my promises in the 2013 elections which were barely nine months ago. The 2013 campaign where I promised to help address the daily problems of our people in dealing with high prices, lack of jobs and low income (Presyo, Trabaho, Kita) as well as my continuing advocacy and fight against any and all forms of inefficiency, graft and corruption (Kaayusan) begs for time and attention.
As I have always said, anyone who wants to run for President must first prove to the Filipino people that he or she not only has the capability to manage and govern the country, ensuring that economic growth will be genuinely felt by all especially the poor, but also has the political will to ensure that all forms of corruption be cleansed from government.
That capability should be seen and delivered. We cannot simply jump from one election to the other and use popularity to aspire for higher office.
Yes, it is true that we have private offices that we use in Taguig. This is public knowledge since we used this office for our Yolanda relief operations and to handle our PTK programs. Like me, our team is focused on implementing these PTK programs such as our Anti 5/6 program to provide poor entrepreneurs with capital to grow their income and small businesses.
As part of this effort, we are also looking at a wide range of activities to push our PTK agenda and ensure that these programs will be more effective in helping Filipino families throughout the country.
Give us time and your support to fulfill promises, touch people's lives and effect true, meaningful change in our country. Please pray for our team and programs.
Through GOD's Grace and Wisdom there will be time to talk about elections, candidacies and the best programs for our country. But now is the time for action and programs, not the time to shift gears and focus on campaigning for higher office.
With my gratitude to all, faith in GOD and all Filipino

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