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Support for Duterte-Cayetano surges Tandem reiterates vow to end corruption in gov’t

Five days before the May-9 national elections, the tandem of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano continues to obtain more support from a growing number of Filipino voters.  
The duo’s appeal to the voting public was evident during their campaign rally in Mandaue on Wednesday (May 4). Similar to the previous rallies organized by the Duterte-Cayetano campaign group, a massive crowd once again greeted the two candidates and listened as they presented to them their platform of government. 
During the rally, the tandem reiterated their assurance that, if elected, they will cleanse the country of corrupt officials who deprive Filipinos of the services they deserve.
"Corruption has already been a way of life in our current system. Ending the disorder brought by this social ill is what's at stake in this election. Through our political will, Mayor Duterte and I vow to end this problem once and for all,” Cayetano said, stressing that their tandem stands firm on their commitment to end corruption in their first six months in office.
Cayetano earlier noted that the country’s bank secrecy law, which is among the strictest in the world, has become a major stumbling block on resolving many corruption and money laundering cases in the public sector. As such, the duo is pushing to lift the bank secrecy law for public officials. 
Last March, they signed a manifesto committing to open all bank accounts in local and foreign currencies, domestic and abroad. They urged their rivals to do the same, but none heeded their challenge.
The duo also made assurance that under their leadership, the passage of a Freedom of Information (FOI) Act will be made possible, as well as the passage of an anti-dummy law and that will prevent public officials from hiding their true assets in dummy bank accounts.
“By promoting transparency and accountability in public service, we can be sure that there would be no more Binay-like or Marcos-like plunder of the people's money,” Cayetano said. “Kapag walang korapsyon sa gobyerno, mas maraming matatanggap na serbisyo ang tao, matitigil ang gulo at tiyak na may tunay na pagbabago. Ito ang inaalok namin ni Mayor Duterte sa eleksyong ito,” he added.

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