Resume and Achievements

Alan Peter S. Cayetano

Personal Information
Birthday October 28, 1970
Civil Status Married to Taguig City Mayor Maria Laarni Lopez-Cayetano
Parents former Senator Renato “Rene” “Companero” Cayetano 
Sandra Schramm-Cayetano
Siblings Senator Pilar Juliana “Pia” Cayetano Rene Carl Cayetano
Taguig Barangay Chairman Lino Edgardo Cayetano

Educational Background
Admitted to the Philippine Bar  May 1998
Post Graduate Juris Doctor, Ateneo School of Law
Graduated in 1997
2nd Honors (Silver Medalist)
College B.A. Political Science
University of the Philippines
Diliman, Quezon City
Graduated in 1993
High School De la Salle – Zobel
Elementary De la Salle – Zobel

Public Service Career

16th Congress (July 2013 – present)

  • Senate Majority Floor Leader

15th Congress (July 2010 – June 2013)

  • Senate Minority Floor Leader
    • Commended by the Senate through Resolutions 46 and 94 for his efforts as Minority Leader in championing the cause of orphaned, abandoned children and vulnerable workers and for his astute inputs in  the deliberations of crucial legislation and resolutions
    • Actively participated in investigations pushing for the resolution of the alleged poll fraud cases of 2004 & 2007
  • Chairman, Committee on Ethics and Privileges
  • Vice Chairman, Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on the Automated Election System (JCOC-AES)
    • Currently holding hearings on issues on the reliability of the “3crown jewels” of the 2013 automated elections – machine, ballot, and transmission
  • Ex-Officio member of all standing committees

14th Congress (July 2007 – June 2010)

  • Elected as the 8th Senator of the Republic of the Philippines
  • Chairman, Blue Ribbon / Committee on Accountability of Public Officers
    • Headed the investigation of the NBN-ZTE deal
    • Steered the continuation of the Fertilizer Scam investigation
    • Steered the continuation of the investigation of the Cash giving scandal in Malacanang
  • Chairman, Committee on Education, Culture and Arts
    • Passed RA 9500: University of the Philippines Charter Act of 2008
    • Initiated efforts to make educational loans and scholarships more responsive and easily accessible to deserving students
    • Sought more funding for basic and tertiary education
    • Fought for better compensation for public school teachers
  • Chairman, Committee on Mass Media and Information
    • Filed the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act which was approved on its 3rd reading and passed in the Senate during the 14th Congress

13th Congress (July 2004 –June 2007)

  • Re-elected Representative (3rd term) of the Lone District of Taguig-Pateros
  • Senior Deputy Minority Leader
  • Ex Officio member of all standing House committees
  • Spokesperson, Impeachment Team (2005 and 2006)

12th Congress (July 2001 – June 2004)

  • Re-elected Representative of the Lone District of Taguig-Pateros
  • Deputy Majority Leader
  • Vice-Chairman, Committee on Rules
  • Ex Officio member of all standing House committees

August 2001 – June 2003

  • Member, Board of Regents, Technological University of the Philippines
  • Member, Board of Regents, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

November 2001 – April 2003

  • Member, Judicial and Bar Council

11th Congress (June 1998 – June 2001)

  • Elected Representative of the Lone District of Taguig-Pateros
  • Assistant Majority Leader
  • Committee Membership
    • Member, Committee of Rules
    • Chairman, Oversight Committee on Bases Conversion
    • Vice-Chairman, Committee on Suffrage and Electoral Reforms
    • Chairman, Sub-Committee on New Schools, Committee on Basic Education
  • Former Columnist, Compañero y Compañera (People’s Tonight)

1995 – 1998

  • Elected Vice-Mayor of the Municipality of Taguig, Metro Manila

1992 – 1995

  • Elected Number One Councilor, Municipality of Taguig
    (during that time, one of the Youngest Councilors in the Philippines)
  • Majority Floor Leader, Municipal Council, Taguig, Metro Manila

Officer and Member of Various Special Local Bodies:

Vice-Chairman People’s Law Enforcement Board


Municipal Peace and Order Council
Member Municipal Disaster Coordinating Council
  • Chairman and Member of Various Legislative Committees
  • Committee on Rules
  • Committee on Appropriations
  • Committee on Ways and Means
  • Committee on Franchise

1992 – 1993

  • Chairman, NCR Chapter of the National Movement of Young Legislators


  • Elected Student Councilor, University Student Council, U.P. Diliman

Accomplishments and Recognition

  • Top Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) 2010 awardee
    • Recognized for his exemplary work in government and public service
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