‘Talk less’: Sen. Alan chooses to listen to credit management pros

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano on Monday did what is often unthinkable for a politician: cut short a speech and open the door for more discussion.

“I will start today by listening more and talking less,” Cayetano said in his address at the Credit Management Association of the Philippines (CMAP)’s first general membership meeting and induction ceremony on June 24, 2024.

In his five-minute speech, the Chair of the Senate Committee on Trade and Industry addressed pressing issues directly, urging credit management professionals to prioritize sound practices over superficial gains.

Cayetano likened this approach to maintaining a “healthy diet” for the economy, cautioning against distractions that do not benefit the sector and emphasized that if the industry will sow good practices, they will reap good results.

“Sa negosyo, sa buhay, kung uunahin mo yung taba, yung matamis, o masarap, malulugi negosyo mo,” he said.

“Pero minsan, if we search for vegetables, low-lying fruits, we will have a healthy economy,” he added.

He also took a moment to congratulate the newly seated CMAP board members, including President Juancho Magpantay and Vice President Jezreel Pimentel, as well as the newly appointed trustees and members. 

Cayetano assured them of his commitment to proactive engagement, pledging that the Senate Committee on Trade and Industry will prioritize their needs, especially the association’s mission in innovation and good governance.

“One thing has to change, [and that is] to really listen to you, get to know you more, have more faith in you rather than [solely] in ourselves and our agenda,” he said.

Cayetano also emphasized that faith and trust, fostered through listening, are essential tools to boost the industry.

“Whether we discuss banking, lending, finance, or other services, your common denominator is ‘credit.’ There can be no ‘credit’ without faith,” he said.

​​”Faith has to come into action. So the more we know our customer, the more faith we have,” he added.


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