Sari-saring Pag-asa

4 B.E.S.T tips for sari-sari store owners

As the pandemic continues and various community quarantines come and go, many Filipinos find themselves turning to small businesses after being displaced from their jobs. However, a small business like a sari-sari store is still a business and it doesn’t come without its challenges.

Aired on September 9, 2021, here are four tips from former Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano’s second episode of Sari-saring Pag-asa for existing and aspiring sari-sari store owners:

  1. First, Budget. Apart from investing, we should make it a habit to allocate a budget for business development. 
  2. Engage. As a sari-sari store owner, the friendlier you are with your community, the more regular customers you’ll have. Hand people their items with a smile and you’ll have them coming back to buy again. 
  3. Save your money and lessen the non-essential expenses, especially if you rely on income from the sari-sari store to provide food on the table. 
  4. Finally, Tiyaga! That means perseverance. Everything can be achieved when we have perseverance. Don’t lose hope, don’t give up, because if you persevere, you will earn.

Not only will sari sari stores help families afford their basic necessities but it can also bridge the gap after getting displaced or during periods of no work, no pay during lockdown. They are also beneficial to the community. It is a long term investment that helps money circulate and everyone is able to benefit.

With the financial assistance of P3,500 from Cayetano’s Sari-saring Pag-asa, small store owners can budget and invest their money for the items that they will be selling. It also helps to afford their food, water, housing, electric bills and medical assistance.

As of September 9, 2021, the program has already given hope to 2,577 sari-sari store owners across the Philippines.


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