Assault, unpaid incentives tackled in Cayetano in Action with BA episode

In a recent episode of Cayetano In Action with Boy Abunda, Senators Alan Peter “Compañero” Cayetano and Pia Cayetano addressed two pressing issues affecting the lives of ordinary Filipinos by featuring stories of physical injury and unresolved incentive claims.

The Case 2 Face segment featured Jovi, a fruit vendor, who found himself embroiled in a bitter dispute with Jhon-Jhon, a tricycle driver, over a seemingly trivial matter: Jovi accused Jhon-Jhon of stealing an apple, which led to a heated altercation.

According to Senator Alan, the incident serves as a stark reminder of how quickly misunderstandings can escalate into violence, and that when tempers flare, it can be difficult to resolve the problem.

“Sana itong nangyari sa inyo ay maging isang ehemplo sa iba na unang-una, ‘wag mauna ang init ng ulo mag-akusa at pangalawa, kahit mali na ang ginawa sa’yo, ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’,” he said.

In the Payong Kapatid segment, delivery rider Joel sought the Cayetano siblings’ legal expertise with a straightforward query: Is it correct and legal for his agency to withhold his unclaimed incentives after resigning from the company?

Senator Alan emphasized that labor laws exist to protect the rights of workers, and any unjust denial of rightful claims is a breach of those rights.

“Sa ating batas, at may memo ang labor department diyan na ang tawag ay ‘final pay’… so dapat within thirty days maibigay sa’yo [ng agency] ang lahat ng utang nila. Ang problema, walang penalty [sa kanila],” he said.

“Actually, Senator Pia and I, we’re looking into that na dapat may penalty ‘yan,” he added.

To assist Joel, Senator Pia offered to reach out to the agency and assured him that he will be provided with the incentives he worked hard for. “Bibigyan ka namin ng maraming options at kung ano ang nakikita naming pinakamadali at pinaka-bawas na stress sa pamilya mo para maka-move-on din,” she said.

The episode ended with Senators Alan and Pia Cayetano emphasizing the importance of dialogue and conflict resolution in such situations, highlighting the need for peaceful resolutions to prevent further harm.

CIA with BA is a continuation of “Compañero y Compañera,” a legal advice program co-hosted by the late Senator Rene Cayetano — the father of Senators Alan and Pia — which aired on radio and later on TV from 1997 to 2001.

Watch how these two public servants help Filipinos in need every Sunday at 11:30 PM on GMA 7. Replays are shown on Saturdays at 10:30 PM on GTV.


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