Cayetano to Taguig youth leaders: Enable people to do what is right

Leaders do not just tell people what is wrong, they also enable them to do what is right.

This was Senator Alan Peter Cayetano’s encouragement to Sanggunian ng Kabataan (SK) Chairpersons of Taguig who gathered on Thursday night for dinner and fellowship with leaders of the city.

Focusing on principles, Cayetano urged the young leaders to stick to what they know is right in order to serve their constituents well.

“Why principles? We can debate on opinion, we can debate religion, but we cannot debate on principles. As leaders, we cannot only tell people kung ano ang mali, we have to provide them kung ano yung tama,” he said.

The gathering, held in Barangay Hagonoy, was attended by City of Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano along with barangay chairpersons from the first and second districts as well as representatives from the EMBO barangays.

The senator called on the youth in attendance to practice three principles: victory, vision, and value. Starting with victory, he stressed the importance of defining success on one’s own terms.

“You cannot have victory kung wala kang parameter, sukatan, o measurement of what victory is,” he said.

Transitioning to the principle of vision, Cayetano pointed out the vital connection between a clear vision and the attainment of victory and success.

“When you have a vision, lilinaw sa inyo y’ung victory at saka success,” he said.

“You might not be confident about yourself, but when you’re confident about your vision, when you value yourself, other people will see that,” he added.

Drawing from his own faith, Cayetano then talked about recognizing the inherent value of every person, reminding the young leaders of their significance in the eyes of God.

He also encouraged them to embrace their worth and treat others with respect and kindness, reminding them that Jesus gave His life for everyone because He values each and every person.

“If you think you’re worthless, think twice. God already said, ‘You are worth dying for,’” he said.

Eyeing to continue the engagement with the young leaders, Cayetano invited them to monthly talks on principles as an avenue to foster leadership development and community service.

He also left the young leaders with a call to action, urging them to lead with purpose, courage, and dedication to serving their community, guided by the grace of the Lord.


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