Cayetano to undertake faith-based, values-oriented approach on drug war

Former House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano on Tuesday said he will adopt a faith-based and values-oriented approach on the Philippine government’s campaign against illegal drugs if elected as President in next year’s national elections.

In an interview with iFM Cebu on September 14, Cayetano said he will “continue the fight, but it will be a different campaign.”

“For example, ang gobyerno (the government), when you approach [illegal] drugs, is it a faith-based and values-oriented approach or is it just enforcement? I will continue the fight, but it will be a different campaign because I believe in a value-oriented and faith-based campaign,” he said.

Cayetano said he believes in prevention as an important aspect of the campaign and in providing different activities especially for the youth. He said because they are passionate and curious, they must be provided with activities not only in church, but also in arts and sports among others.

“Secondly, kailangan may medical approach ka, kasi nga nabiktima ‘yang mga ‘yan. Naging addict ‘yan not because they wanted to, but they were curious and the drugs took over their minds and hearts. So dapat may medical intervention din,” he added.

(Secondly, you have to adopt a medical approach because these people are victims. They became addicted not because they wanted to, but because they were curious and the drugs took over their minds and hearts. So there has to be a medical intervention too.)

Finally, Cayetano said there must be spiritual interventions. He said pastors, priests, and other faith-based groups may help in understanding these victims and in going after the masterminds or the big fishes.

“We cannot just allow na y’ung mahihirap lang na huhulihin mo, then you allow with impunity, na tawa lang nang tawa y’ung mastermind,” he said.

(We cannot allow people to suffer under the culture of impunity. We cannot allow the mastermind to laugh at us.)

In a previous interview, Cayetano said various groups are now urging him to run for President as he represents the values they believe in.

Cayetano said these faith-based groups laud the programs and services provided by the local government of Taguig City to its residents, specifically on health, education, livelihood, and minorities such Persons with Disabilities and senior citizens.


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