CIA with BA: Kuya Alan, Ate Pia help untangle messy debt problem

In the 11th episode of “Cayetano in Action with Boy Abunda” on April 16, the focus was on a woman who was burdened with debt and her quarrels with her neighbors.

Senators Alan Peter and Pia Cayetano, along with King of Talk Boy Abunda, witnessed a heated argument between the woman, who went by the name Inday, and her neighbors Alona Estera and Susana Pineda.

Inday had been accused by Alona and Susana of failing to pay her debts on time. While they acknowledged her kindness, they claimed that she was irresponsible when it came to repaying what she owed.

Alona claimed that Inday owed her P15,000 from a gambling operation, while Inday claimed that she was only P2,000 short and wasn’t informed of the increasing debt.

Senator Alan asked Alona about the prize money for her gambling operation, which was P48,000. He then discussed the dangers of gambling and how people often fail to see that they can’t win every time.

“Yun din kasi ang problema sa sugal. Lahat kasi ang iniisip sa sugal, hindi sila matatalo,” he said.

Senators Alan and Pia tried to find a compromise between Inday and Alona, and they eventually agreed to reduce the debt to P5,000.

The issue with Susana was more complicated, as she claimed that Inday had failed to keep her promise to repay her after receiving her father’s pension.

Senator Alan tried to reason with both women, explaining that while Susana had given up her rights to claim money from Inday at the Barangay, it was still important to pay back what one owed.

“Kung batas ng tao ang ating susundin, wala ka nang kailangan bayaran kay Nanay kasi nagkasundo na kayo sa Barangay,” he said. “Pero kung sa batas ng Diyos, kung anong utang, kailangan bayaran.”

Senator Alan also tried reasoning with Inday, who strongly denied having any debt, to look at things from Susana’s point of view. “Ang nakikita ko, Inday, ang gusto lang ni Nanay ay acknowledgement na mayroong utang,” he said.

With Inday maintaining her innocence, Senator Pia promised to help all three women with livelihood packages and encouraged Inday to find ways to assist Alona and Susana. The episode ended with the three women looking more positive after their disagreements were resolved.

“Cayetano in Action with Boy Abunda” is a public service program led by Senators Alan and Pia Cayetano and hosted by Boy Abunda. The show shares the same DNA with “Compañero y Compañera,” a radio and television show hosted by the Cayetanos’ late father, Senator Rene Cayetano.

The show airs every Sunday at 11:30 PM on GMA 7 and replays every Saturday at 10:30 PM on GTV.

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