Human institutions will disappoint us, but there is no disappointment in the Word of God: Senator Alan

Every human institution will pass, but the Word of God will remain forever and should be used as the basis for good governance.

This was part of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano’s prayer as the Senate opened its session on Monday, January 29, 2024, which also happened to be National Bible Day.

“The Lord God is the same today and tomorrow. When we put our trust in people and in institutions, even in a very good institution, we can get disappointed. But when we put our trust in the Word of God, there is no disappointment,” Cayetano said in his prayer.

Alluding to current moves to amend the Constitution, the independent senator asked: “Will some provisions of our Constitution pass away? Will the Senate pass away? We do not know, but we do know that the Word of God will not.”

Affirming God’s love for the Philippines, Cayetano said history is “not a series of coincidences… or a series of who is more powerful, but history is Your story, Lord God, Your perfect timing.”

He said history is about men and women “rising up, confessing their sins, and repenting.”

“So we come before You, Lord God, to fight not only for reforms and education, in health, in the police, but really to have the kind of institutions that will have healthy debate, where all ideas are welcome, where we’ll come before You and really repent and first seek Your kingdom and righteousness,” he added.

Cayetano then prayed for everyone in government — Malacañang, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and all local leaders, business leaders, and even heads of families — that God would give them wisdom.

“We pray Lord God that at this crucial time that we are at a crossroad, we would depend not on people but on Your Word,” he said.


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