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Kuya Alan, Ate Pia address son with mental health issues

The “Case 2 Face” segment of “Cayetano in Action with Boy Abunda” on GMA 7 usually has two opposing parties compromise on a desirable result with the help of Senators Alan Peter “Compañero” Cayetano and Pia Cayetano.

However, in the public service show’s June 4, 2023 episode, all parties involved shared a common objective: to lend a helping hand to a vulnerable child in need, who happens to be the offspring of a loving mother.

The complainants, Soledad and Margie, live with Nanay Feliza in a shared residence. Nanay Feliza’s son, a former security guard, has been grappling with a mental health condition following his partner’s departure.

According to the complainants, Nanay Feliza’s son has caused harm to their children and has exhibited a pattern of disappearing for extended periods.

Soledad and Margie said they approached the barangay for help but were told their options were limited as they were a low-income community. Faced with this reality, they decided to turn to the CIA with BA, optimistic that it would provide a solution to aid Nanay Feliza and her son.

Senator Alan, Senator Pia, and Tito Boy all noted that this situation was unique due to the complainants’ intent and relationship with Nanay Feliza.

Senator Alan asked permission from Nanay Feliza if they could help her son by taking him to a doctor to assess his mental health, to which she agreed. He also offered to have her checked as she was still working hard at age 72.

Senator Pia, for her part, said the law assures everyone’s rights to dignity and peace.

“Ang bawat tao, may karapatan sa katahimikan at dignidad sa kanilang komunidad. Kayo (Nanay Feliza), bilang isang dakilang nanay, may karapatan kang makuha ang respeto ng mga kasama mo. Ang anak mo din, may karapatan na alagaan ng komunidad. At kayo rin (Margie and Soledad), may karapatan din kayong respetuhin at magkaroon ng katahimikan,” she said.

Senator Alan aso noted that the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has programs that could help individuals in similar situations like Nanay Feliza.

“Ang problema, Kuya Boy, there’s not enough money yearly appropriated for those qualified and according to age. Pero ang pangako ng DSWD, in accordance with need. Kung mas mahirap at mas indigent, kasama’t uunahin sila,” he said.

Senator Pia also said barangays that feel like they cannot do enough for their constituents should contact the TV program for help.

“I feel bad na ang pakiramdam ng barangay, wala din tayong magagawa. Yung feeling na, ‘malayo tayo, mahirap lang tayo na barangay, low-income tayo.’ Ayoko na y’un ang sagot. The [more] low-income kayo, the more na kayo dapat ang makatanggap ng tulong,” she said.

The matter was resolved with the son being taken to the National Center for Mental Health. Nanay Feliza, Soledad, and Margie also received a post-Mother’s Day shopping spree and financial assistance from the show.

The show is also establishing contact with the barangay to see how it could be helped through livelihood programs and other initiatives.

“Cayetano in Action with Boy Abunda” episodes premiere every Sunday at 11:30 PM on GMA 7, while replays are shown on GTV every Saturday at 10:30 PM. The show is the “evolution” of the long-running public service show “Compañero Y Compañera” hosted by the Cayetano siblings’ late father, Senator Rene “Compañero” Cayetano.”


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