Kuya Alan, Ate Pia help resolve fallout among best friends as Cayetano in Action with Boy Abunda Season 2 ends

The Season 2 finale of Cayetano in Action with Boy Abunda highlighted what Senators Alan Peter and Pia Cayetano do best: let the people know more about the law, help reconcile damaged relationships, and extend more help in any way they can.

This was showcased in the episode that aired on July 30, 2023 as Kuya Alan Peter and Ate Pia helped best friends Romela and Son-son air their grievances against each other in order to save their friendship that has lasted for almost a decade.

Their case was presented to the senator-siblings in the ‘Case-2-Face’ segment for guidance after Romela complained about Son-son’s alleged bad hair rebond service on her daughter.

Son-son, for his part, laid the blame on Romela’s daughter for going to the beach days after the hair service, and on Romela herself for paying him in kind and on installment. He said the incident tarnished, his reputation as a hairdresser.

Son-son lamented the loss of his clients and source of income as well since he was homeless. He also revealed he suffered from sight problems, with his left eye desperately needing a transplant operation.

Ate Pia empathized with Son-son especially since his profession is in question.

“Meron din naman tayo policy, Tito Boy and Alan, kapag ikaw ay magrereceive ng services katulad niyan, whether its medicine, it’s also the job of the doctor na magsabi na kapag ininom mo ito, they can take it in the morning. Ganoon din kayo ‘di ba, sinasabi nyo rin kung ano ang dapat gawin at hindi dapat gawin,” she added.

For his part, Kuya Alan gave advice to the two on what they can do given the situation.

“Sa tingin ko lang tatlo ang magiging katapusan nito: una, hindi kayo magkasundo at wala na kayong pakialamanan para hindi kayo nagsestress out sa isa’t isa. Pangalawa, mas importante sa inyo ang pagkakaibigan niyo and you try to work it out. Pangatlo, ituloy ninyo ang dispute niyo. Kaso ang problema sa dispute niyo, the facts are also under dispute,” he explained.

Having explained the options, Kuya Alan urged them to make amends for the sake of their relationship.

The case wrapped up positively with Romela and Son-son’s willingness to make up. To help the best friends move forward, Kuya Alan and Ate Pia helped settle Romela’s payment to Son-son, and also offered help for Son-son’s housing and health condition.

“We’d also like to help Son-son. Humanap ka ng modest naman iyong price na mauupahan and we’ll help you for three months or a little bit more, para may steady ka naman na tutulugan gabi- gabi,” Kuya Alan said.

Ate Pia also offered to help Son-son address his health condition. “Meron akong in-house na doctor and kung ano’ng matutulong namin sa second opinion and specialist, medicines, tutulong kami para naman y’ung kinikita mo ay hindi lang mabuhos sa gamot,” she said.

The segment ended with Kuya Alan joking, “Dati na silang nagbobonding, ngayon nag-rebond na sila.”

Season 3 to air on Sunday, August 6, 2023
The third season of Cayetano in Action with Boy Abunda will start airing on August 6, 2023 with the show’s ‘Best of Season 2’ highlights. These cases, which were taken from the show’s ‘Case-2-Face’ at ‘Payong Kapatid’ segments, included issues on how to handle money and debt, how to deal with relational dysfunctions in the family, and what to do when scammed.

According to Kuya Alan, Cayetano in Action with BA is an “evolution” of “Compañero y Compañera,” a radio and television program hosted by their late father Senator Rene Cayetano which aired from 1997 to 2001.

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