Senator Alan urges teachers to instill values in students

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano on Monday encouraged teachers to play a pivotal role in instilling the right values in Filipino youth, emphasizing the influence they wield in shaping the nation’s future.

“Whatever ang itanim n’yo ngayon, ‘yan ang Pilipinas, 30, 40 years from now,” Cayetano said in his address to the heads of Elementary and Secondary schools of the City of Taguig during their Christmas Party on December 18, 2023.

Drawing inspiration from the biblical principle “you reap what you sow,” Cayetano told the teachers that the seeds they plant today for the youth will determine the future of the Philippines.

“Kung ang estudyante ang seed, and school naman natin y’ung soil, and then y’ung pagtuturo ng teacher naman y’ung pagdidilig,” he said.

“I’m just emphasizing that the future of the Philippines is in your hands,” he added.

Citing Singapore’s successful strategy in cultivating positive values among its citizens, Cayetano credited education as the key factor.

“Sa Singapore, many of the key changes in attitude, alam niyo naging susi nila ay hindi finance department, hindi health department, hindi ROTC, hindi Central Bank. It was DepEd,” he said, referring to Singapore’s Ministry of Education.

To help attain this, Cayetano expressed support for the country’s education system, urging the teachers to voice out their needs to the Senate and other government agencies.

“Whatever we can do to support you, please tell us,” he said.


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